10 Healthy Kid Food Ideas (lunchtime snacks)

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10 Healthy Kid Food Ideas (lunchtime snacks) – Thomas DeLauer

I’m going to make this easy for you and your kids, okay? I’m a relatively new dad. I’ve got a two-year-old son, and I think about this stuff all the time. What do I want to have laying around the house for my kid to munch on? So I figured if I’m thinking this, then other parents are definitely thinking this.

So these are going to be eight simple things that you can throw in your kid’s lunch, or you can just have laying around the house, or you can just give them as a snack. Because one of the things that I’ve found as a parent is you need to have healthy foods laying around for your kid so that you eat those same healthy foods. So the foods I’m going to lay out are not only good for kiddo, they’re good for you. Then, I’m going to go kind of rapid fire and make this quick for you so I don’t waste any of your time.

The first food I want you to have laying around for kids, pumpkin seeds. Yeah. Believe it or not, kids tend to love pumpkin seeds. Even my kid likes them. I mashed them up a little bit and make my own pumpkin seed butter, whatever.

The reason is they taste good, but they’re high in zinc, which is very important for kids. It’s important for all of us, and we don’t really get zinc from a lot of things. You’d have to be eating a ton of shellfish to end up getting enough zinc to really make it sufficient, right? So the nice thing is pumpkin seeds have that zinc.

Now, why is zinc important for kids? Mainly because it suppresses a specific inflammatory marker known as nuclear factor-kappa B. Now, this has a direct correlation with what are called osteoblasts in the bones.

Next up is biltong jerky. What the heck is biltong? It’s kind of a newer thing in terms of publicity, but it’s been around for a while. You see, regular jerky is kind of aggressively dried, has a bunch of different preservatives and stuff added to it, whereas biltong is soaked in a brine of just salt and water.

Then, it’s hung to dry for a couple of weeks. So it has a really nice taste, but the best thing is it doesn’t have a bunch of other garbage in it. And obviously kids are going to like it. It’s not quite as tough as you’re going to find traditional jerky.

The next thing we talk about, there’s a lot of different keto bars, low-carb bars in the market. A lot of them have garbage in them, and a lot of them have erythritol in them.

But I do think that some of the keto bars that are out there are good choices for kids. Why? Because they’re a good substitute to a candy bar. And if you’re looking at bar to bar, it’s going to make a lot more sense to go with some that doesn’t have a bunch of sugar in it, okay?

There was a study that’s published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Now, it was a long study that took a look at over 2,000 participants over an extended period of time that found that participants that consumed heptadecanoic acid and also trans-palmitoleic acid, which are fats that come from dairy, were less likely to develop any kind of cardiovascular issue.

This next one’s going to sound crazy, but take regular unsweetened baking chocolate and melt it down. Then, add some stevia or some monk fruit to it, and then refreeze it or just let it solidify and give that to your kid as a snack. Why give them a Hershey’s bar when you can give them your own, just self-made dark chocolate that just is sweetened with stevia?

The next thing to have laying around is instead of using tortillas, instead of using bread, just have cauliflower crusts laying around. Use whatever brand you really want. I’m always a fan of Cali’Flour Foods because I think they’re just clean and awesome. But that way you can make a quesadilla. You can make a sandwich. Just have those things laying around, and let your kids take them to school, even if just like an extra piece of bread, something like that. Some of them out there are really fluffy. Taste really good. So that’s just kind of a benefit there.

So anyhow, I wanted to keep this short and sweet, make it simple for you. As always, keep it locked in here on my channel. Hit that subscribe button, and I’ll see you soon.

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