Eating Paleo, Paleo Sweets, CrossFit and Paleo, Recipes – EPISODE 10

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Introduction (1:30)

Crossfit Coaches Coarse (2:00)

Brandi’s Background (4:13)

Curls and Goat Milk (9:48)

Paleo (11:44)

Brandi’s Bakery at Yolo (14:38)

Resisting Non-Paleo (17:36)

Paleo Recipe Substitution (21:30)

Primal Versus Paleo (29:56)

Satisfying the Sweet tooth (33:22)

Cigarettes & Nicotine for Performance (34:55)

Closing on Paleo Recipe Substitution (39:45)

Paleo Options & Changing Your Pallet (44:39)

Incorporating Protein into Baked Goods (50:26)

Defense Nutrition Protein (51:43)

Warrior Diet & Primal Ways (54:30)

Paleo Zone History (56:28)

Plugs (58:15)

Doug’s Pistol Video (59:30)

In the Kitchen with Brandi (1:05:50)

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