Make Party Snacks in 2 Mins | Veg Fingers Recipe – KFC Cafe Style Veg Strips | Homemade Frozen Snack

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veg fingers recipe | vegetable fingers | homemade frozen veggie fingers with detailed photo and video recipe. An ideal tasty party appetiser or starter snack recipe made with mixed vegetables. It is basically an extension or alternative to the veg cutlet recipe where it is shaped like fingers and coated with breadcrumbs for crisp golden colour. It can be an ideal snack recipe for any occasion or can be served as an evening tea-time snack with a choice of tomato ketchup or chilli mayo sauce.

veg fingers recipe | vegetable fingers | homemade frozen veggie fingers with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Cutlet or deep-fried snacks are a popular choice in Indian cuisine and are appreciated by all age groups. Typically it is prepared with a combination of vegetables or meat options to make a crisp and crunchy snack. It comes in different types and sizes which eventually derives its name and one such crisp and crunchy snack recipe is the veg fingers recipe.


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