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100% Soft & Tasty Instant Masala Rava Appam with Hotel Chutney | Healthy No Oil Breakfast Recipe

full recipe:

masala appam recipe | instant masala rava appam | no oil breakfast recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. basically, an extension of the popular south indain breakfast appam recipe with spices and herbs added to the dosa batter. it is an excellent instant breakfast recipe compared to plain appam as it contains a balanced taste of sweet, savoury and sourness in it. it generally does not require any additional sides or chutney, yet tastes great with roasted chana dal chutney.
masala appam recipe | instant masala rava appam – no oil breakfast recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. breakfast recipes have always been one of the important meals to start your day. it has to be healthy, tasty and more importantly provide a balanced set of nutrients and supplements to energise for rest of the day. this can be tricky and perhaps require some additional planning, but this recipe of masala rava appam solves all those problems with an instant recipe.



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