Breakfast Recipes

7 Days 7 Breakfast Recipes ! Ready in 15 mins !! Easy ! Tasty ! Healthy !

This video shows how to make 7 different Breakfast recipes from Monday to Sunday, in just 15 mins!
They are also easy to make, healthy and tasty too. We hope this will be useful to all.
7 Breakfast recipes
1 Broken wheat Pongal
2 Lemon Sevai
3 Dahi Sandwich
4 Atta/wheat flour Uttappam
5 Avalons/Poha Upma
6 Bread Upma
7 Homestyle Desi Pasta

Butterfly pressure Cooker
Oddy Uniwraps Food Wrapping paper
Bambino Pasta
Manna Rice Vermicelli
Instant chutney premix recipe


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