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Now there is no need for you to order your favourite onion rings. You can make it at home every time, fresh & crispy onion rings. All you need is some friends and family to share them with a cup of tea or some dip!

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6nos Onions (large)
¼ cup (for Dusting) Flour (maida)

½ cup Flour (maida)
½ tsp Salt
2tsp Chilli flakes
2tsp oregano dried
½ tsp Pepper powder
handful Coriander chopped
1tsp Garlic chopped
¼ cup (approx) Water
2cups Bread crumbs (dried)
for deep frying Oil

1½ tbsp Butter
1no Bayleaf
⅓ cup Onion chopped
2nos green chilli Slit
to taste Salt
1tsp Chilli flakes
1tsp oregano dried
½ cup Mayonnaise (veg)
handful Coriander chopped
½ no Lemon

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
00: 24 Recipe Begins
02:24 Frying Onion Rings
04:22 Plating Onion Rings
04:52 Leftover Onion Dip Recipe
06:14 Final Plating (Recipe & Dip)


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