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6 Salad Mistakes Most Beginners Make

Today, we cover 6 mistakes most beginner home cooks make that can cause a homemade salad to flop and how to fix them.

▪ Grilled Chicken Salad:
▪ Orzo Salad:
▪ Brussels Sprouts Salad:
▪ Buffalo Chicken Salad:

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0:00 Salad Intro
0:31 1 – Limiting the salad to a single base
1:34 2 – Not making homemade dressings
3:48 3 – There’s too much water
4:52 4 – Constructing the salad without intention
6:37 5 – Not cutting the salad components small enough
7:15 6 – Underdressing your salad

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