COCKTAIL RECIPES! 5 Fizzy Cocktails using a SodaStream

These Cocktail Recipes with have you fizzing! Check out the SodaStream currently on sale:
Tis’ the Season to celebrate with some fizzy cocktails! I made 5 cocktail/mocktail inspirations using my SodaStream #ad. There’s something for everyone here for your next holiday festivities. Cheers!!

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5 Fizzy Cocktail Recipes:

Wine spritzer
Berries muddled
Sparkling water
Raspberry drop

Sparkling Cosmo
Sparkling water
Line drop

Sparkling cider
Apple cider 1 part
Sparkling water 1 part
Rasp drops 1 drop

Watermelon soju
Watermelon juice ⅓
Soju ⅓
Sparkling water
Lime drop

POG punch
Dark rum 1 part
Sparkling water
lime drop

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