3 simple dry chutney recipes for snacks & chaat – vadapav chatni, coconut chatni& peanut chatni

full recipe:

vada pav chutney recipe | dry coconut chutney | dry chutney recipe 3 ways with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and simple flavoured dry condiment recipe made with a combination of spices and herbs. it is mainly served as a taste enhancer with choice of snacks like vada pav, samosa and pakoda’s but can also be served sides for lunch and dinner. there are myriad ways to prepare a dry chatni, but this post dedicated to 3 main ways, including a garlic chutney, coconut chatni and curry leaves chutney.
vada pav chutney recipe | dry coconut chutney | dry chutney recipe 3 ways with step by step photo and video recipe. chatni recipes are perhaps one of the most underrated recipes from the rich indian cuisine. it is required by almost every snack, chaat, breakfast and even to the lunch and dinner but do not get the required attention to it. similar to these wet chatnis, there is a dry variant too which plays a significant role in enhancing the taste of the snacks recipes. this post tries to cover the 3 most important all-purpose dry chatni recipes for a complete meal.


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