Trying YOUR TikTok Baking Recipes with Rylan

Today, Rylan and I are testing out some of the most popular TikTok baking recipes, to see how they taste! Many were suggested by y’all! Things tend to get interesting anytime Rylan and I are together! How do you think these food items will taste? Will we start our kitchen on fire again??? COMMENT BELOW!

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What’s up yall!! Last time Rylan and I cooked in the kitchen together (, we almost caught the whole house on FIRE! Well, correction, RYLAN almost caught the house on fire lol. BUT DONT WORRY. We learned how to put out an oil fire so we are well prepared for this next round of baking!!

So without further introduction, I give to you… your TIKTOK BAKING RECIPES! We’ve all been there, scrolling on TikTok while video after video of food pulls up on our FYP for you page. Well Rylan and I decided to test some of the most viral recipes for y’all, as well as some that y’all submitted, so you don’t have to!!

(Maybe this time we wont catch anything on fire) lol.

❤️’s – Kamri


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