halkova recipe – 90’s kids favourite sweet snack | palkova barfi dessert snack | maida barfi

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halkova recipe – 90’s kids favourite sweet | palkova barfi | maida barfi with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and simple sweet snack recipe made with a combination of plain flour, ghee and sugar. after the imli candy, it is indeed one of the favourite dessert snack for many 90’s kids and perhaps even now. it is very simple and easy to prepare and hardly takes few minutes to prepare and can be easily served for any occasions, celebrations or ritual.
halkova recipe – 90’s kids favourite sweet | palkova barfi | maida barfi with step by step photo and video recipe. there has been several snacks and dessert recipes that were super popular in the 90’s era. gradually it has lost its charm and perhaps not liked much with the new generation and hence not much appreciated. one such 90’s favourite dessert snack is halkova recipe or also known as palkova recipe known for its crisp taste and mouth-melting texture.



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