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I think it’s very easy to find vegan cookbooks and recipes, and equally very easy to find paleo recipes; but I have found it extremely difficult to find a community of people who want to live both lifestyles. I am talking about people who want to live the no animal products life while also cutting grains, sugar and legumes. I love cooking and I love researching health and nutrition and I wanted to put some plant based paleo guides and tips and recipes out into the universe and see if anyone will join me. Expect much more from me in this arena, I feel so passionate about eating this way for optimal health and I bet that if you tried it, it would change your life.

Thanks for watching! Please comment below any questions about this style of eating!

I adapted my Portobella Pizza Recipe from this book — Plant Based Paleo

My Taco Night Recipe

My Italian Night Recipe

My Cucumber Salad Recipe

My Asian Salad Recipe

My Big Lunch Salad Recipe

Vegan Collagen

Chocolate Vegan Protein

Vanilla Vegan Protein

Siete Foods Coconut Wraps

Vegan Egg (via Italian Night)

Spice Containers
You can set up a drawer for these or hang them on the fridge!


My Glass Bowl Set



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