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Today we are going to make अंडा सैंडविच | Egg Sandwich Recipe’ at Home’.
This is easy and simple recipe, Egg- Bread Sandwich is very protein rich sandwich, All in one Sandwich recipe.
Everyone love this sandwich specially kids favorite.
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सामग्री | Ingredients:

अंडा ४ | Eggs 4
ब्रेड ४| bread 4
कटा प्याज २ चम्मच | Chopped onion 2 tbsp
गाजर २ बड़े चम्मच | Chopped carrots 2 tbsp
शिमला मिर्च २ बड़े चम्मच | Chopped capsicum 2 tbsp
मशरुम २ बड़े चम्मच | Chopped mushroom 2 tbsp
हरी मिर्च २ | Chopped green chilli 2
दूध २ बड़े चम्मच | Milk 2 tbsp
काली मिर्च पाउडर १।२ चम्मच | Black pepper powder 1/2 tsp
नमक स्वादनुसार | Salt to taste
सैंडविच चीज़ ४ | Sandwich cheese 4
मोजरेला चीज़ ४ चम्मच | Mozzarella cheese 4 tsp

‘अंडा ब्रेड सैंडविच | Egg- Bread Sandwich Recipe’ Steps:

– Take a bread.
– Cut the center part of bread.
– Keep aside both parts.
– Take a bowl.
– Add 4 eggs
– Mix it all eggs.
– Add 2 tbsp chopped onion.
– Add 2 tbsp chopped carrots.
– Add 2 tbsp chopped capsicum.
– Add 2 tbsp chopped mushroom.
– Add chopped green chilli 2
– Add 1/2 tsp black pepper powder.
– Add 2 tbsp milk.
– Add salt to taste.
– Mix it well.
– Keep pan on a stove.
– Add 1 tsp butter.
– Add 2 drops oil.
– Add square shape bread.
– Add egg mixture.
– Add some mozzarella cheese.
– Add sandwich cheese.
– Add center part of bread.
– Add some egg mixture.
– Cook it 1 minutes both side on low flame.
– Turn off the flame.
– Serve with tomato ketchup.
– Enjoy your Healthy breakfast recipe

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