1937 Tia Juano Tequila Cocktail Cafe Royal Cocktail Book – Cocktails After Dark – Glen And Friends

1937 Tia Juano Tequila Cocktail Cafe Royal Cocktail Book – Cocktails After Dark
The cocktail recipe today is from the 1937 Cafe Royal Cocktail Book ‘Coronation Edition’ though there was only one edition printed and even then only 25 copies (disputed) were printed. So exceedingly rare to find an original; however there are re-prints in paperback form from the 1980s available on Amazon. At it’s core todays cocktail recipe is a Tequila Negroni of sorts – Campari, Vermouth and a base spirit, but the proportions are different. Does it work?

Tia Juano Tequila Cocktail Recipe:
1/8 Campari
3/8 French Vermouth
½ Tequila

Negroni cocktail:
Mezcal Negroni:

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