Wholesome dinner for kids

Guideline 5 – Wholesome, simple dinner atleast 6 days a week – Dal-rice, khichdi, roti-sabzi and not variety for dinner.

What will you eat for dinner is a question that we should never ask our children. Instead we should tell them what they will be eating for dinner tonight – a steady, simple and nutritious meal. 3 tests it should pass –
1. It should be a meal that was your grandmom’s dinner too
2. It should be local to your region 
3. It should be easy to cook and tastes best when served hot

All traditional combos like roti-sabzi, dal-chawal, khichdi-kadhi, etc., meet this requirement and it ensures that the growing bodies and brains of our children meet their requirement of nutrients too. It even ensures sound sleep. The key is to stay consistent with dinner, even at the cost of it being boring, on most nights of the week. And yes, don’t forget to add ghee.

What you must not have for dinner on a regular basis –
• variety* – different meals every day
• ready to cook meals like noodles & pasta
• take away or ordered in food
These do not have the nutrients to fuel growth, often leave our kids dehydrated and disturb the sleep routine too. 

Eating out – Not more than twice a month, and that includes the times they may have eaten out because of birthday parties, etc. 

*You may offer your children variety for dinner once a week at home, ideally on a Saturday.

Eat simpler, grow faster.

Week 4 tracking form here –
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