Sex on the Beach Cocktail Recipe

How to make The Sex on the Beach brought to you by Cocktail Cards.
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The most requested drink on Instagram, the sex on the beach! ⠀

this drink is smooth, fruity, sweet, and looks as good as it tastes! ⠀

This recipe will show you how to not only make the Sex on the Beach, but I show you have to give it the signature layered look as well⠀

⚈ 1.5oz (44ml) Vodka⠀
⚈ .5oz (15ml) Peach Schnapps⠀
⚈ 1.5oz Orange Juice⠀
⚈ 1.5oz Cranberry Juice⠀

add all ingredients Except Cranberry into glass then add Ice and shake for 8-10 seconds⠀

Fill your highball or hurricane glass with ice and add cranberry juice. Then strain the rest of your drink in top.⠀

⚈ Add orange wheel and cherry for garnish!⠀



List of Tools Used for Our Videos:
⚈Shaker Set:
⚈Stir/Mixing Glass:
⚈Hand Sqeezer:
⚈Hawthorne Strainer:
⚈”Y” Peeler:
⚈Coupe Glasses:
⚈Copper Mugs:

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