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Broccoli Salad Indian Style Recipe in Hindi by Indian Food Made Easy

We all know broccoli is a perfect vegetable full of nutrients and goodness, but have we been cooking it right to retain those good nutrients ? well today we made broccoli salad indian style which not just a easy recipe but also retains all the good nutrients of broccoli. if you are looking for broccoli recipe for weight loss this video is for you. i have received comments of my subscribers so many times asking me how to cook broccoli, or how to make broccoli salad without losing its good nutrient value. this indian style broccoli salad is just what you were looking for. this is a broccoli recipe in hindi for my hindi speaking viewers because broccoli is getting popular in india now. apart from this broccoli salad recipe, i will be posting roasted broccoli, steamed broccoli, and discussing carbs in broccoli and other nutrients in it in my upcoming videos, so do consider subscribing 🙂

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